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We love a Winter Wedding & here’s 5 reasons why

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Are you thinking about a Winter Wedding? If so we say YES!

We love a winter wedding at Gate Street Barn, everything is so much sparklier at this time of year.

The Barn is so romantic and atmospheric in the colder months with the lights all a twinkle and the log burners roaring. There’s no doubt there is a reason it’s called “the most wonderful time of the year!”

Below are our top five reasons to book your winter wedding at Gate Street Barn.

1) Romantic Ambience 

Winter means dark evenings which is brilliant because the Barn looks especially romantic filled with the soft glow of candlelight, the chandeliers dimmed for dinner, and the log burners roaring in the corners.

We LOVE fairy lights and festoon lights and all other sorts of sparkly lights, so much so that every time we’ve put them up for Christmas we’ve left them up for the rest of the year! You will find them in the trees around the Barn, along the beams and adorning the main entrance. But we love it when couples bring more and make the Barn really sparkle in the darker months.[

2. Sparklers

Speaking of sparkly lights, what is better than Sparklers?! We’ve seen some fantastic sparkler moments from the big send-offs at the end of the evening, to couple shots and general dancing in the garden.

Sparklers are always great but particularly in November when Bonfire Night also means one thing: FIREWORKS!

What yells celebration more than a Firework display? They are the perfect way to cap off the day or transition into the evening party, and a great way to make sure evening guests feel really involved in the day.

You can find more details on planning Fireworks at Gate Street Barn here.[/v

3. Christmas Cheer

December means the Party Season. Friends and family are in the holiday spirit and looking for a reason to celebrate, it’s lovely to carry that over to your wedding day.

Christmas can also mean added inspiration with wreaths, misltoe and even Christmas trees. You can really get into the spirit with something mulled in the drinks reception and crackers make fantastic favours!

Embrace the whole Christmas feel for your winter wedding and you can really let your imagination run wild. Decorate with frosty pale blues, sparkling silvers and crisp whites; or opt for truly festive rich reds and emerald greens with holly wreaths and ivy strung from the chandeliers.

If you’re thinking of a January or Febuary wedding you can cheer everyone up in the grey months by giving them something to really look forward to! 

Remember, winter doesnt have to mean christmassy. click here to see Annie and Jordans unique winter woodland wedding.

4. The Weather (strange as it sounds)

As we all know, British weather tends to be a bit unpredictable and usually ends up doing the opposite of what you hope for. Great for small talk with strangers, not so great for planning weddings.

Winter weddings mean that the pressure of hoping for a sunny day is gone, but if you are lucky enough to have a crisp, clear winters day then what could be better!

If the weather is being a bit British, there’s no need to worry because you’ll be prepared for it. We have plenty of indoor space for your drinks reception, the fires will be lit and it adds to the cosy feel when the rain is lashing at the windows!

Colder weather also means great fashion opportunities. Velvet, tweed, faux fur and feathers are all fantasic winter options, accessorize with a pair of wellys as required!

Don’t forget, rain and snow can also mean the opportunity for really spectacular photos! What’s more romantic than sheltering from the weather with your new spouse?

5. Winter Weddings can mean big savings

Getting married in November, January and February can mean big savings for your wedding budget. 

The venue hire fee at Gate Street Barn is massively discounted for these months and often deals can be found with other suppliers.

We are now offering 20% off all dates from 1st January – 15th May 2020. Check out our availability calendar here

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